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We Offer The Following Services:

Most of the world currencies in banknotes: bought & sold.
Bank checks -also known as drafts- denominated in major currencies: accepted & issued*.

In our location in New York city, Peoples Foreign Exchange, Corp. Rates across the board are the most competitive.
Service fees are the lowest in the city.

Our customers do not need to have an account.

Repetitive customers make our VIP list and enjoy exclusively our signature program.

Most of the world currencies are available for immediate pickup.

Delivery service to customers outside of the two metropolitan areas is available but would require ample time in advance.
Please ensure to put a minimum of two weeks ahead for adequate delivery.

* Processing of drafts takes a minimum of four weeks. this method of conversion -while popular- is not the fastest.
customers in need of immediate collection of funds are advised to request from senders a bank wire instead.

** Ordinary transactions are those up to $500 worth. fees applied may be different depending on service provided.such as the endorsement of drafts that may require a per item fee. mailing fees are set apart. etc.

Compliance Policy and Confidentiality Agreement:

We want our valued customers to know that our company has and always will adhere to all federal and state regulations concerning the filling of currency transaction reports. Our company is also an active participant in fighting illegal financial transactions, especially anti money laundering or the bank secrecy act, that many federal; state agencies and regulators are pursuing vigorously.

We want our valued customers to know also that we give high priority to our mutual confidence which is essential to maintain integrity in our business relationship.

Information we are required to collect in the course of doing business are kept confidential.


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